As Full Stack Web Programmer

I am from Indonesia and I have worked as a Full Stack Programmer for more than 5 years. While in college I worked as a web programmer for 2 years, and currently I am working for PT PELANGI INDODATA as a Programmer since 2019. I have been freelance for the last 3 years, and now I am looking forward to collaborating with you!

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🥇Software Architect

I made my first website in 2014, & fell in love with web development. Since then, I never stopped to learn things.

Over the years, I refined my way to approach development, which allows me to confidently takes high-level design choices when building web & mobile apps, and selecting tools adapted to the user interface you need.

🥈Full Stack Developer

I really believe that Next JS / Nuxt JS & Node JS are currently the best tools available to produce fast & maintainable user-interfaces and Api since the first day I tried it, in 2020.

Their features & ecosystem allow me to be focus on creating beautiful & polished user experiences with scalability and performance in mind..

🥉Expert, Leader, Trainer.

My various experiences made me confident about the technologies & tools I use so I can probably help you & your team, whether you need some advices, training or help to boostrap your project so you can focus on the feature your user needs.


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